Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aggravation to Appreciation

I love one of those breaking moments when God reveals something that might seem so simple but is truly a life changing revelation. Since Nehemiah has been born he is so much like Talan was as a baby, yet so different too. He cried constantly but once I put him in my arms he is instantly comforted. Talan, however, was not so easy to comfort. I spent the first several weeks with Nehemiah basically holding him all day long. He was constantly wanting to latch on or just wanting the comfort of being held. Haven't we all longed for the comfort of a loved one's arms? I realized today that this has been something that would usually aggravate me. I would get him quiet and put down and just when I would think I could start working on something he would start up again.
Today was no different. I was heading to do another round of laundry when he started to cry. But this time, I wanted nothing more than to be the comfort he needed. Why not take this time out of the day to just simply appreciate getting to hold my baby boy and love on him. And this was also a time of relaxation from cleaning. How many times throughout our kids lives do we end up wishing we could simply hold them again as we did when they were babies? So from this moment on I thank God for those moments when he just wants to feed or simply just wants to be held. He's already growing up so fast and I want to treasure every moment with him that I have.