Friday, December 24, 2010

Total Failure

That is what happened to my list this week. I took an F on that task. It started off with Tuesday. I got up (even earlier than usual) and immediately started getting ready and getting everything else ready to go get the kids Christmas pictures made. Even made it to the studio on time. With minutes to spare! Then they took up my entire day. It was awful. We waited for over an hour and half before they even called us to take pictures. And then we had to wait for over an hour again to even look at the pictures and decide which ones to keep. It was crazy. How do they expect you to have happy babies by the time you take pictures? And they had so many people booked that people were having to line up against the walls and sit on the floor. I had another errand to run after that and we were so hungry by the time we got out of there that by the time I got home I had to get ready to turn right around and leave for a Christmas dinner. So strike one on the list for that day. I didnt get a single thing done.

Then came Wednesday. I originally thought I would be able to get both days knocked out. But I also had a little bit more shopping to do. So I ended up getting to drop the babies off at my sister in laws and finishing up my shopping. It took up more time than I expected but Im not going to complain about that. It was very enjoyable to have some time to myself. Im not sure if I ended up doing anything that day or not. I may have done a few things.

Then yesterday. I did get a good bit done but now I was three days behind that I just didn't get near the amount accomplished that I thought I would. So I'm looking ahead to next week. A fresh start! I have a good bit of cleaning to do but it will mainly just making my house functional for Christmas cooking and then getting my living room cleaned since we will be opening presents and taking pictures as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing these babies open up gifts but maybe that can be a whole new post.

Monday, December 20, 2010

This Week

This week I am trying really hard to get my house in order. I don't expect it to be perfect by the end of the week but I at least expect to be able to walk through a room without tripping over something. I made out a list last night of things to do every day. I am excited about today because I have completed almost my entire list for the day except for 2 things. I purposely spread it out so not to feel overwhelmed and by taking advice of some organization books I have read.
Like, you didn't mess it all up in one day so you aren't going to be able to clean it in one day.

I'm hoping to start some on tomorrows list because I will be gone for most of the day. The only problem now is my back is already hurting. I've been going to the chiropractor for awhile now so it is getting better. I'm going this afternoon in fact. Hopefully I will blog about my progress each day so I can let my blog hold me accountable. I have listed a different room for each day of the week along with a few other things. But each room has a detailed list of things that have to be done. So probably a boring read for you if you are reading this but I am mainly doing these blogs for myself :) Maybe I'll add some interesting stuff to it throughout the week