Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Doctor Visit

Yesterday we went to our first appointment with the new baby. And we also were trying out a new doctor so I was completely nervous. Thankfully, Brad went with me and we also had our 11 month old and 22 month old. When we first got there I found out that the doctor was an OB/GYN as well as he does lots of things such as laser treatment, body sculpting and so on and so on. I'm talking a huge list. This only bothers me a little as to how much he might be available for his patient.
Well, the morning started off pretty bad. Both the babies were ready for a nap and they were so cranky in this tiny waiting room. It wasn't that it was so tiny, it was just completely packed with chairs and there were lots of people in the waiting room. And there were probably more non-pregnant women there than pregnant ones. That was a huge difference from my last doctor. There was usually one or two other people in the room besides me when I went. Then we probably waited AT LEAST an hour if not more to be called back. One of the longest hours of my life. Our babies were so upset!!! It was almost embarrassing.
So after being called back I was weighed (horrible by the way) and then went to a room where I was asked a bunch of questions by a nurse. Who stopped in the middle to go get my daughter a sucker, probably because the crying was annoying her. So after that she then tells us the doctor would be in to meet us and probably would do an ultrasound since we weren't sure how far along I was. Again, I could see major differences in my last doctor. At my old doctor, my belly was measured every single visit and they listen to the baby's heartbeat. And I always had to pee in a cup where they could check for infections and glucose. I liked that much better than not doing any of it at all. And your first visit you always get an ultrasound as well.
Then the doctor came in. He was extremely nice and spent a good bit making sure we were well informed on the fact that we were wanting to do a VBAC after two C-sections. He then told us that for now we could say that a VBAC would be our goal but until I was about 36 weeks there is no way to know if it is even possible. This of course just makes me upset all over again on what happened with my son.
We then went back to do an ultrasound where they immediately chose NOT to do a tummy one to put it in a more discreet way. I hated that. And of course babies are still cranky and needing a nap and we've been there for at least two hours now. But we got to see our baby and found out that Im due around the same time we had originally thought. Im 15 weeks and due May 21. I am already going to have to really watch what I eat and get some walking in because I've already gained 10 pounds!!!
In the end we like the doctor but not so much other things. I believe we will probably stay with this doctor and I can still change my mind later on. We ended up being there almost 3 hours and it is not something we want to do again at naptime! And our next visit we get to have another ultrasound! Oh, and another thing about this office is I was able to get my blood work done there where in the past I've had to go to another place.

Monday, November 29, 2010


This has been quite an eventful week for Thanksgiving and I was so grateful for it. My family stopped doing Thanksgivings together years ago. In high school I went to my best friends for Thanksgiving and then after that I chose to always work on Thanksgiving. Then I married into a family that has a big get together with the entire family. Then last year my family had a Thanksgiving meal for the first time in ages because my uncle who lives in Arkansas and only comes down a couple times a year was down.

So, this Thanksgiving week started off with Brad's extended family dinner on Saturday night. It always has the best food! We had a great time and Brad cooked some deer meat that he had killed that morning and it seemed to be a pretty big hit.

Then on Tuesday night we went over to some more of Brad's family and had a Thanksgiving meal with them. We actually go over to this particular family's house almost every Tuesday night where one of Brad's cousins fixes dinner for whoever wants to come. And usually if we dont end up making it to Tuesday night supper we end up going over there another night of the week. They are a sweet couple and we love hanging out with them.

By Wednesday I had one child getting over having a fever and my son woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. I started giving him some medicine and by that afternoon I couldn't get his fever to break below a hundred. So that evening I ended up taking him in to the emergency room. When we got there his temp was 103.5 but thankfully he ended up having an ear infection. I'm thankful because it could've been worse. So we headed over to a local pharmacy and then home to bed. My daughter ended up staying the night at her Mimi's house with her cousins who were staying the night there.

Then on Thanksgiving we went to Brad's parents house. We did something probably a little strange to most but we made homemade pizzas. Some were obviously not thrilled with this decision but I thought they turned out delicous. And more importantly, Brad's mom has been in a lot of pain and she was very thankful not to have to cook and it was really easy to clean up. Then Thanksgiving day ended up running in to Black Friday starting at midnight but thats another story in itself.

So after Black Friday shopping and being completely exhausted we got ready to watch the Iron Bowl with some other people. Our team didn't win and I can't even begin to stress how exhausted I was but it turned out to be a pretty nice day.

And then Saturday. Probably my favorite of all. This is when my family had a meal and it was so nice to see family I haven't seen in forever. My cousin came down from Memphis and then my aunt and uncle were in from Arkansas.

Monday, November 15, 2010


That's what we did over the weekend. For the first time in a year Brad and I got to spend the night alone together. That's probably more than most couples and we are so very thankful for the time we get to spend together. I know these times will probably get fewer and fewer between but I think I'll remain hopeful that it doesn't. Usually we've always went to Gatlinburg in the past and we contemplated all the way up til Friday morning what we were going to do this time. It was kind of like we had the money to go but at the same time we didn't. We finally decided that we would just stay at home while our kids went to family. It was of course cheaper, much nicer to sleep in our own bed and we still found things to fill our time with! We were celebrating our 4 year anniversary which was on Thursday.

So we didn't get to leave our house until about 7 on Friday evening. We went out to a new restaraunt that we had been wanting to try and it was great! Probably one of my new favorite places to eat now. It was cheap, good and we had our food probably with in five minutes of ordering! And that was after waiting at least twenty minutes to get a table. We then drove over to the dollar movie theater but it would have been midnight or so before we got home so we decided to just go ahead and go home. I was really looking forward to a night of undisturbed sleep but it never happened. No babies and I still woke up during the night and then was wide awake by 7! I even tried and tried to go back to sleep but that never happened. We didn't have any definite plans so we just sort of sat around until I remembered a girl I knew who lives up the road was having a yard sale. So we loaded up and headed to that where we got some real good deals. We then got some breakfast and drove back home. After another little while we got ready and headed to Huntsville. We went to some thrift stores and then a few other stores and then after that we decided to go to Wings to watch the Alabama game. I can't believe how many people go to a restaraunt to watch games!!! It was a mad house in there. We had probably been waiting for thirty minutes and there were still several people who were there before us. I was getting kind of aggravated because there was an empty booth and they were just refusing to seat anyone at it. I didn't want to be rude but I wanted to know why when they have that many people they weren't seating all the tables. So I went to ask the hostess why they weren't seating anyone there and they took us to that table! It was a good seat to watch the game. We left somewhere in the third quarter and ended up driving to Applebees for dessert and watched the rest of the game. We then went to the dollar movies and got home around midnight where we immediately conked out and probably would have slept all morning but started getting txt messages and phone calls about an electricity problem. So we jumped out of bed, got dressed and Brad went and fixed that then we ate breakfast. Then we headed to his moms where are babies were. As always I know my stories are jumbled together and not intersting but I dont have time to make it easy reading...:) I'm actually just finishing this post and I started it yesterday. We had a great weekend and enjoyed our alone time.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

History eopin the Making

At least that's what I keep hearing. Yesterday, November 2, 2010 has undoubtedly begun a change in this nation! Not only locally, but across the nation voters are astounded at the changeover of Democratic parties verses Republican. I even watched President Obama earlier on the news. When asked how he felt about this change his first response was "bad." He was saddened over the people he felt deserved to be in office who had been voted out. But I don't really want to talk about all of that. I really just wanted to give a brief note of last night's events. Maybe later I'll go into more detail.
After getting off from working at the polls all day I quickly drove to Scottsboro where I knew people were waiting ot hear the news on whether or not my cousin, Shadrack McGill would win the race for Senate. When I got to the headquarters I was shocked at the people waiting. I had actually just left from Triple R where friends and family were already waiting. At the headquarters were Shadd's mom and dad, grandparents, my mom, Shadd's brother, my sister and then Shadd's crew from Montgomery as well as a few friends. I wanted to give you an idea of who was there so you could really get an idea of what the atmosphere was like in there. After getting numbers and numbers in we were then told that Lowell Barron had conceeded. This is when I wish I had a video camera. Everyone immediately began crying and shouting. I'm beginning to cry just reliving it again in my mind. It truly was an intimate, memorable moment. Then the night went on and on and on! After waiting on some more official word before we would begin celebrating we all drove over to Triple R BBQ. Then we ended up waiting on Shadd for probably an hour but we did sit and listen to him being interviewed on the news! Then when he got there The Daily Sentinal came to interview him and then WHNT news came in. I did my best to avoid the camera but I haven't seen the footage!!! We had cake and snacks and it was truly a wonderful night that Im sure everyone is still exhausted from. Sorry its so jumbled and not very good written but I really wanted to share Shadd's wonderful night with my few blogger friends!!!