Thursday, September 9, 2010


I. AM. SLEEPY! I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm pretty sure both my babies aren't feeling well. No fevers, but runny noses and bad coughs. So last night was not good. I ended up on the air mattress in the living room with one baby and Brad had the other in the bed. And he cried all night long. Poor baby. So needless to say I have had like no sleep. Then somebody called last night and wanted to come look at our house this evening. My mom is coming tomorrow to help me with some stuff but I have to get it somewhat decent looking today. I did pretty good this morning but now I have hit a road bump I can't get over. My lack of sleep has hit and I can barely keep my eyes open. Brad won't be home until later this evening anyways so they may not can come look today after all. I told him strangers weren't coming in my house without him here. And if they end up coming tonight? Well, I'm just praying that God sends the right buyer along who can see pass the mess and clutter. So thats it for now. Maybe I should force myself up and work towards cleaning some more?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving On Up

Oh yeah...that's right. My entire family is becoming famous...haha. First last weekend after church we went to help shoot a commercial for my cousin who is running for Senator. The babies would have been in it but they ended up sleeping the whole time. We even had to sign a model release form. It only took about 20 minutes but it was still a neat little experience. Then I found out last night that the girl who took the kids pictures had won the photo contest with my daughter's picture. How neat is that? So now that photo will be displayed at Art in the Park on Sunday which is part of the Labor Day weekend festivities. So I've been joking to my husband about how we are all becoming famous and moving up in society. Just something quick I wanted to share. I'm not sure how the commercial will look but I do know that my daughter is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to go see her picture displayed as the winning photo!