Monday, May 30, 2011

Weight Loss

Well, it has now been almost four weeks since I had our baby boy and it is definitely time to try and shed some of this weight. I'm a little disappointed in starting out because after my last pregnancy I dropped 40 pounds almost like it was nothing. I have absolutley no idea how I lost so much weight so fast. But either way I am happy because that was such a relief.

About two weeks after the baby I had lost almost twenty pounds but then I ended up gaining almost four back. This past week I lost about 3 pounds. That's pretty good considering the only thing I started doing was drinking Herbalife smoothies for breakfast and lunch throughout the week. I kind of have a feeling this might be a yo-yo journey of weight loss. Only because during my pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and so far I haven't stopped splurging on sweet tea among other things. I had said I wanted to continue with the diabetic lifestyle after the baby but that has definitely not happpened so far. And to be honest I'm not sure how much of it will actually happen. It is much cheaper for me to cook things like mashed potatotes and pasta both of which were things I hardly touched during the diabetes thing.

Anyways, as long as I continue to lose weight I'm happy. My next goal is to get to 150 which is what I was when I got pregnant. That is about 7.4 pounds to go. I weigh every Monday so wish me luck on this week!