Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 years ago

Five years ago today would have been the eve of my wedding. And to be honest I have so many regrets when it comes to our actual wedding details and things like that. Thankfully the wedding and activites isn't what it's really all about. Sure we have the memories from those but then we have been making a whole lifetime of memories in the five years since then.
I have never been really close to my mom and after graduation I didn't have the option of living at home anymore. I had eventually found an apartment and that's where I lived when I met Brad. After we got engaged to help save money I gave up my apartment and lived at Brad's parents house in their computer room for a little over a month.
I had to give you that background to go with this story. So the day before the wedding. We had the rehearsal that night. That day I went to Huntsville to pick up my wedding dress and Brad's tuxedo. After the rehearsal dinner I had to find somewhere else to sleep so that we would not see each other on our wedding day. So I ended up staying the night with a girl who lived in the same apartment as me. We also worked together and she also happens to be who introduced me to Brad. We hung out a lot back then but once I got married I pretty much lost all friends I had at that time. I don't think we stayed up late. Her sister in law put some fake nails on for me and they turned out very pretty and that was about it. For some reason Brad decided we weren't even allowed to talk before the wedding so after midnight I wasn't even allowed to text him. He's pretty strange sometimes...haha. So tomorrow I will blog about our actual wedding day.
Since I have had kids I have a really hard time remembering a lot of things so I apologize now for my lack of details. I do remember that the night before I was very excited and anxious. The next day however was a completely differen story.....

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