Wednesday, January 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge

I purchased an ebook the other day that I am already in LOVE with.
It is a christian based book to help you get your house clean. It not only gives some helpful daily tasks but it also gives some scriptural insight on developing a heart to be a better keeper of the home. I have always been an absolute horrible housekeeper. Today is my second day on the challenge and once I got started on the challenge of the day I found myself not wanting to stop there. So I ended up vacuuming out my furniture which in my house was a big task. It had been way too long. I am now exhausted and while my house is still nowhere near close to being a "clean house" I feel confident that it is well on its way :)

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  1. Oh I completely forgot to mention that this book is only $4.99 and definitely well worth it in my opinion